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RCF specializes in Out-of-Sight contents re-creation.  If your loss includes Out-of-Sight contents (FF&E, Stock or Supplies) contact RCF for fully documented measurement of this portion of the claim.

For immediate assistance please contact Kevin Dause at 847-682-0006 (KDause@RCFsalvage.com), the corporate office 847-310-8400 or click the "New Loss Form" tab.

Success Stories

  • Chemical Loss in New Jersey

    This loss originated from a roof leak and partial roof collapse. The insured is an importer and distributor of powder and liquid chemicals, additives and enhancers for the cosmetic and food industries. Corrugated drums of product were soaking wet and collapsed. Also, total exposure for the carrier exceeded $2.6 million. The insured couldn’t replace the imported product quickly enough, so we developed and oversaw a procedure where the product was redrummed rather than salvaged. This also eliminated a potential business interruption claim. Over a 3 ½ week period, we processed all the stock.

    Final result? $63,000 (2%) worth of product was found unusable, the rest went back into the distribution stream. The insured also accepted a 20% salvage credit on the unusable product. Ultimate net loss: 50K.

  • Drug Store Explosion

    Shortly after a natural gas leak was detected and the store evacuated, an explosion ensued rupturing sprinkler lines and strewing contents out the front doors. We employed our rapid response team and quickly removed the salvageable stock in conjunction with the insured's safety personnel. Inventories were completed after stock removal, further documenting and reducing the gross claim.

  • Industrial Strength Success

    When a national galvanizing firm sustained a severe fire to one of their facilities, we were contacted to liquidate the 1.5 million lbs. of Zinc in their 50-foot, hot-dip kettle which had solidified into a solid block. After re-heating the kettle and pumping the contaminated Zinc into steel barrels, we distributed our comprehensive bid package to our Tier One metals buyers, conducted core sampling, buyer inspections, and held a sealed bid sale. The results of our sale: a gross salvage sale of over 82% of the current value of Zinc on the London Metal Exchange! The carrier was so impressed with our professional services, they subsequently engaged us to sell the scrap metal from the building demolition for an additional superior salvage return!

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