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RCF has mobilized Cat Teams for Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.  All claims can be assigned through the New Loss Form tab on the upper right portion of this site and you will receive an email or phone confirmation within minutes. 

For direct Hurricane Harvey assignments please contact Rob Horning (Rhorning@RCFsalvage.com or 714-343-4055).

For direct Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria assignments please contact Tom Cassidy (Tcassidy@RCFsalvage.com  or 847-226-9652).

RCF Services

At RCF, we employ creative solutions to assist our clients in mitigating their contents losses, fully documenting claim inventories, values, and providing superior returns on salvage. Our primary focus of client services include:

  • Solution Consulting
  • Inventory Preparation
  • Verification of Value
  • Protection and Preservation of Stock
  • Evaluation of Damage and Loss
  • Relocation and Temporary Warehousing
  • Selling for the Account of the Loss
  • Selling Salvage
  • Project Management
  • Scrap Disposal