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To Our Valued Clients:  As COVID-19 developed in February, RCF activated our Business Continuity Plan which we have had in place for many years. Owing to this plan and our strategically placed staff, please be assured RCF’s capacity to accept new assignments will not be affected. 

For immediate assistance please contact Kevin Dause at 847-682-0006 (KDause@RCFsalvage.com), the corporate office 847-310-8400 or click the "New Loss Form" tab.

Assisting Risk Managers

For more than 30 years, the professionals at RCF Salvage have proudly included Corporate Risk Managers among our most important clients. RCF’s immediate response, centuries of combined experience and client-oriented services have been instrumental in comprehensively handling commercial property contents claims.

Some of the key benefits RCF Salvage affords Corporate Risk Managers are:

  1. Dedicated Account Manager:

    RCF offers executive level contact for immediate response with multiple staff if necessary.

  2. Continuity in Claim Handling:

    Through our account manager, mutual loss handling protocols will be developed to ensure that losses follow an agreed process. These protocols allow RCF personnel to arrive on-site already familiar with your firm’s inventory systems and policy language.

  3. Inventory Preparation and Reporting:

    RCF will perform all necessary inventories and issue comprehensive reports that will document both intra-company accounting and final claim values.

  4. Removal of Stock for Sale or Better Protection:

    RCF can deploy any resources necessary to remove affected stocks for sale or arrange logistics to relocate stock for better protection or to facilitate cleaning and reconstruction of facilities.

  5. Brand and Label Protection:

    RCF routinely handles stocks with sensitive brand and label protection requirements. Based on your specific needs RCF can tailor label removal, processing or obliteration services in addition to strict geographical restrictions to protect your trade names and markets.

  6. Certified Destruction:

    In circumstances where merchandise destruction is required, RCF will arrange and fully supervise the removal, transportation, and shredding of stock and issue certificates documenting the completion of agreed destruction.

  7. Superior Salvage Returns – Unparalleled Service

    Through our vast buyer network, RCF produces superior salvage returns that serve to reduce loss-history and provide timely cash-flow following an event. As top-level executives at insurance companies and self-insuring firms can attest, RCF’s reputation in the commercial property industry is unequalled. RCF takes great pride in the quality of service we offer and in the complete satisfaction of our clients.

  8. Seamless Interface with Insurance Carriers and Brokers

    RCF maintains excellent relationships with all major commercial property insurance carriers and brokerage firms. In fact, both carriers and brokerage firms have recommended RCF as the Account-Handling Salvor to many national firms. Carriers and brokers respect our professional opinions and view RCF personnel as industry experts.

Please contact RCF today for a more detailed presentation of our services. We will be pleased to meet with you at your office at any time.